Walt Disney

Valentine’s Day
February 14, 2018
February 22, 2018

When talking about “Mickey Mouse” cartoons, it’s instantly coming in to our minds about the
world famous character “Mr. Walt Disney”. He was the founder of Disney productions –
animations which were awarded by the Oscar also. More than a few of his creations including
Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy are instantly recognizable as the global icons. If it can
have a deep look in to his life story, definitely you’ll realize him as one of the successful
Disney was born on 5

th of December 1901. In his childhood, he was very keen about paintings.
Therefore, he spent more times by attending courses at the Kansas City Art Institute. Even
when he was schooling, he worked as a newspaper delivery boy which was signed about his
poverty. By the way, even with those difficulties, he didn’t miss to get the art education
continuously which was added high value to his life later.
The worst difficulties in his life began with his leaving from the school at the age of sixteen.
After that he tried to join the army in the time of First World War and he was failed from it as
he was at underage at the time. However, he could be able to find employment with the Red
Cross as an ambulance driver.
After some years, he began his artistic career. But, no one was ready to accept him either as
artistic or as an ambulance driver. However, his brother Roy could find him a temporary job in
an art studio which created advertisements for newspapers, magazines, and movie theaters.
That job became the turning point of his life as he met the cartoonist Ubbe Iwerks there. Both
of them decided to start their own commercial company together. Mr. Walt Disney’s path to
success was lengthen up to the animated movies and it is important to remember that the times
he spent in his life with dreaming and working out for the success was not a bed of roses. He
challenged the ideas which considered as crazy things by others.
He received more academy awards and nominations than any other person in history. Between
the years 1932 and 1969, he won twenty two academy awards and nominated fifty nine times.
The world famous character Mr. Disney passed away at his age of 65 years old because of a
lung cancer. But, he is still alive in our minds as a strong character who won the world and it
will last forever.
It can be end this article by keeping something valuable in your mind. Mr. Disney remained us
very valuable eight secrets to be succeeded in our life. Let’s have a look on them.
1. Provide a promise, not a product
2. Always exceed customers’ expectations
3. Pursue your passion, and the money will follow
4. Stay true to your company’s mission and values
5. Differentiate your offer
6. Lead by example and delegate
7. Defy convention
8. Leave behind something to grow

We have to try above things in our lives to challenge the defeats. Then only we can be able to
catch up the flag of success.